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Sharon Kieft Agency NZ - Investors Center NZ

*** 12:15:31 19-03-2021 - Announcement - All Outlets Are Closed to the Public, We Urge People to Contact Us Digitally. We Are All Looking Forward to Help As Much Valued Customers and Members Of The Public As We Can, We Hope To Have a Chat With You Soon.

Our Market Value

Updated: Saturday 13 February 2021 11:37AM

Some Information Displayed May Not Be Correct And May Be Used as a Reference Only.

Revenue: $1.48 Million USD Per Annum

Source: Dun & Bradstreet

Market Value: $5,180,000.00 (Including Share Price)

Our Recent Activity

Updated: Monday 12 July 2021 01:36PM

What We at Sharon Kieft Agency NZ Have Done Recently:

- Deliver Food Products to Several Pantries In South Auckland.

Our Shareholders

Updated: Monday 12 July 2021 01:36PM

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Unavailable to Display For Legal & Security Reasons We Are Not Displaying Our Share Holders At The Moment.

Price Per Share: $51,800.00 USD

Shares: 100

Press, Media & Information

Updated: Monday 12 July 2021 01:36PM

Information: info@nz.sharonkieftagency.com
Press & Media: press@nz.sharonkieftagency.com

About The Investor Program

The Investor Program is For Investors Who Believe in The Ethics Progress and Results From Our Many Projects We Offer. We Have Many Programs That Need Support In Order For Us To Continue Our Programed Services.

Our Programs

Below Are The Programs We Offer To Help Our Surviving Communities, These Services Are Solely Dealt With Sharon Kieft Agency NZ.

Sponsor a Business

This Program Helps Sustain Or Build A Local Business to Serve Community Needs.

Sponsor a Community

This Program Supports Local Communities With Food, Clothing and Basic Services.

Short Term Investment

A Short Term Investment Invests in The Company for a Short Term and Returns an Investment.

Long Term Investment

A Long Term investment Allows The Investment For A Long Time Use.

Stock Investment

A Stock Investment Trades Capital for Stocks or Shares. The Term Is Not Defined.

Investor Documents (0)

There Are No Documents Available

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